Yoga Class Information

New to yoga? Never fear !!

here’s some tips for you below.


Lot 5 Thomas St
Wollongong. NSW. 2500 Located in the heart of the CBD

Please see the timetable for classes and days.

What to bring:

It’s helpful to arrive 10-15 minutes before a class starts, this way you can set up, relax and prepare yourself for the practice ahead. If you have a mat bring it along, a small pillow or blanket for your comfort throughout the practice and yourself.

What to wear:

Wear comfortable clothing that allows easy movement of the body. Particularly no tight waist bands! You may want to have something warmer to put on for relaxation at the end of the class. We practice barefoot so shoes that are easy to slip on and off will be help full.



Other handy tips: Try not to eat a heavy meal 1 – 2 hours before the class, a full abdomen may make you uncomfortable and sleepy.

Try not to compare yourself to anyone else. We are all different and some people can do some poses with ease whilst struggling with others. Yoga is not a competition. Likewise the teacher may come and assist you during the class, this does not mean you were doing something ‘wrong’ it is just a guide towards helping you gain more from the posture. You know your own body best so never blindly follow instructions.

Work with what feels best for you. Do try your best though, self-effort is a yogic discipline, this also includes consciously relaxing.

Concentrate on your breathing. Your breath will enable you to relax and following it helps to keep your mind focused.

Don’t push or force yourself into poses. Remember to move into a resting pose if you become dizzy or too tired. Practicing yoga is not just a physical work out, you are working with your body’s energy and gradually the practice will draw you in so stick with it.

After the practice drink lots of water or herbal tea.

And lastly HAVE FUN and ENJOY the experience!

If you have any questions or wonderings please feel free to contact me or come and have a chat to me before or after a class.

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