The Colours of Jessie

" Some people call it messy, I call it jessie"

” Some people call it messy, I call it jessie”

” Some people call it messy, I call it Jessie!”

Hi there!

My name is Jessica Worthy, I am the founder of the Joyful Jiva and starting this adventure makes me oh so happy! At times it’s really easy to let your dreams succumb to fear or doubt but with a little gusto and  self-belief they really can be achieved even though its a litte scary, this is my journey of creating a lifestyle of happiness, freedom, being wild and dancing to my own beat !
Shortly after a long stint at university completing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and studying a Bachelor of Performing Arts, I still hadn’t found what my soul was searching for. Deep down I knew life held so much magic and happiness and was my mission to find it and incorporate it into my everyday, this notion led me to Yoga. I completed my Yoga teacher training at Samadhi Yoga in Newtown – (a funky inner suburb of Sydney ) which is now called Jivamukti Yoga Sydney under the guidance of Katie Manitsas and Chrissy Cairns and am now a registered vinyasa yoga teacher. The choice I made to do this really changed, uprooted and challenged my ideas of life but it was one of the happiest decisions I have ever made. On my first day of training my teacher said ”everyone deserves to have magic in their life. The goal of Yoga is this”. When I heard this I knew I was in the right place.
I live on the beautiful South Coast of NSW Australia with my new husband and my mischievous puggle Lottie! I love life here. It is calm and peaceful most days with just a splash of night life when needed.
I have so many things in life that bring me pleasure it’s hard to pick only one to mention here. I guess, I love to embrace all things creative, all things in nature and anything that brings joy into my world.
      One thing I dislike, is being put into a ‘box’ I think we as human beings are made up of so many talents, creativity, and a passion for freedom in who we are. We should celebrate our abilities and go wherever our heart and souls lead us. I would love to eventually fill my days being a yoga teacher, a massage therapist, an actress, a spiritual activist and freedom fighter, a fighter for animal rights and welfare, a treehugger, fashion designer, a singer, musician, a healer, a creator of arts and craft. A professional jet setter, able to take my family and friends and pets along for the ride and get paid ( dare to dream big right!)
 I love learning and growing, this is what fills me up and makes me me –I’m learning to love that! This is my journey of creating a lifestyle that supports all of my loves and why the frickin frack not!!! I truly believe we were put on this earth to embrace who we are and experience life but also discover what brings us the most joy and do that.
Right now, I am a yoga teacher, a massage therapist ‘ a do more of what makes you happy activist, and a creator of bits and bobs (to quote my lovely husband) and absolutely ENJOY what I do! I hope you’ll join me on my adventure and that you are inspired to CREATE your own.

I whole heartedly believe that creating is the key to a

happy life.

When im not teaching or massaging, I am practicing yoga,reading in my garden, performing in community theatre, hanging out with my family (I just became and Aunty for the first time!!!) or spending time at the beach and working on this dream life of mine:)
I hope to one day soon travel to New York to become a certified Jivamukti teacher -(the next phase of my training)
With yoga and my life there is always something new to learn!
 Jessie. X
BA in Psychology, Registered Yoga Teacher (YA certified) Certificate 4 Massage Therapy, Certificate in Reiki 1 and Energetic Healing.


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