Delightful Bits and Bobs

I always find myself a bit of a gypsy wanderer when it comes to things creative. Just collecting inspirations as I move through life and letting them become apart of me.

I take inspiration from nature, styles, books, music, art, people, fashion, photographs and anything that gives me goosebumps or evokes a fire in my belly!
This page is just a mixture of links I love, bits and bobs of all sorts and things I have created or am creating on my journey. Feel free to check everything out and use on your own path as you go.

Love these links. An inspirational guide for anyone searching and trying to fit the pieces together in life or business
Yoga, spiritual activism, environmental awareness, and part of the Joyful Jiva Yoga lineage. I’ve just stumbled upon this link recently. Where is My Guru is a collective of voices and visions sharing a conversation living a conscious and mindful life.

Love these books.

Jivamukti Yoga, By Sharon Gannon and. David life
Myths of the Asanas, By Alanna Kaivalya & Arjuna Van der Kooij
Make your creative dreams real, By SARK
Yoga and Vegetarianism, By Sharon Gannon
The Diamond Cutter, By Geshe Michael Roach
The Art of Happiness– a handbook for living, By his Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, M.D.
Love poems from God, By Daniel Ladinsky.
Yoga off the mat, By Katie Manitsas.
The Path of Practice, By Maya Tiwari.
Create your Amazing year, By Leonie Dawson

A Time for Gratitude.

4th December 2013

My husband and I started the ‘ Gratitude Jar’ in January this year and hope to look at all of our blessing on New Years Eve. It’s just a cool reminder that we have so many things to be grateful for. As our days pass us it’s easy to forget the joys we have, little or large they all go in the jar. Gratitude in you may invoke the gratitude in someone else.
imageTo start a jar you need. -A jar ( no kidding) it’s awesome to decorate it if you like. -Pieces of paper to last you the year – you can go totally wild and have coloured paper and decorations. -Pens Keep all these things together in a safe location preferably somewhere you will see it each day. Then get busy filling up your jar!

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