7 Comments on “Testimonials”

  1. Thank you so much for today, it was a beautiful. I’m very blessed to have such a wonderful yoga teacher xxx

  2. Jessica’s massages are a wonderful experience. She captures a truly magical space full of relaxing music and scents. This is exactly the type of experience I expect from a massage therapist and jessica truly does live up to the title. I would describe jessica’s massage treatments as profoundly peaceful and truly a lovely experience.

  3. Jessica came into my life via a good friend. She introduced me to lots of different ideas and topics of conversation which included yoga. Yoga was something I had never tried and I had been having long term back issues since my spinal fusion surgery approx 6 years ago. Jess had suggested different yoga exercises for me to try at home but also encouraged me to attend one of her yoga classes. She reassured me that she was fully trained and that she had a variety of movements that would suit any level. I decided to attend my first yoga class and although I found it challenging, I was able to complete the whole class. After the class my back felt immediately better as did the rest of my body, what also surprised me was the calm feeling I felt. I’m a worrier by nature and worry about things 24/7, looking back at the class I realised I had not thought about anything except for the things I had been asked to focus on during the class. The calmness in my mind lasted and I found upon attending weekly classes that both my mind and body was feeling better and stronger week by week. I have a stressful job and I sometimes found myself in the bathroom making the face of the lion ( a yoga pose) we were taught in class it calms me and makes me laugh. I wouldn’t have tried it if not for the encouragement and reassurance of Jess. I also have had several massages from Jess which also support my back issues and calms me layering the wellbeing treatment I am undergoing with her & the lifestyle I want for my future. Jess has changed my life, has helped me get stronger which in turn decreased my constant pain. I highly recommend Jess/The Joyful Jiva Yoga and massage and will continue to be part of such a special movement.

  4. I have followed Jessica’s progress since she was born. I have watched her blossom into the wonderful person she is today. Anyone who strives to become a better person from within, should follow her path and take her advice. I know that I do and I’m her dad.

    Follow her light and laugh along the way……:)

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