Teach. Pray. Love || I’m doing more of what makes me happy.

I’m sitting here reading Eat Pray Love, By Elizabeth Gilbert- one of my favs- and I am reflecting back on my first encounter with this inspiring piece of work. I was still living at home, still working in an unfulfilling job, that was really only a job to get me by with loan and insurance repayments. On the plus side i had just finished my yoga teacher training and could see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel into doing something with my life I could be happy and proud of as well as somewhat fulfilled and still pay the bills.. It was at one of the compulsory yoga classes through my teacher training that my wonderful teacher had quoted the book. I am referencing EPL as i remember it being the time where a lot of change was taking place. After the class I remember calling my friend and saying that’s it, yep… We are off to India we just have to go its time! I just look how far I have come and how many things have changed since those days, i did travel to India, I have moved cities, I have married I have mortgaged and most of all feel very blessed. So much has shifted since my first EPL encounter it has been a turmultuous ride at times that has juggled me about, made me feel more love than I could imagine, has torn open and away the view of myself and the world and placed me back together in a new and different way but somehow still the same. I have challenged myself, questioned myself and felt joy and so much happiness in myself along the way. The times are changing yet again. As I embark on another adventure in my new role as a full time yoga teacher and mentor. I can teach, learn, laugh and sing all together and actually contribute to my family (or family to be someday.) Most of all I have more time to take on other adventures that make me happy and isn’t that the point of this whole crazy ride of life?…I think it is!

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