Hi lovely people,

Its been a little while since my last post and I hope all is well out there in your worlds of wonder. There has been some exciting changes and new classes added to THE JOYFUL JIVA in the last couple of weeks which is very exciting I wanted to take the opportunity to jump back online and chat about The Spare Change class I teach which runs every Friday from 12-1pm @ YOUNGA YOGA STUDIO

Yoga has changed, uplifted and inspired my life in so many ways and I truly believe it should be available to anyone and everyone. What I hope to create through this class is the idea of KARMA YOGA, literally meaning UNION THROUGH ACTION. I would love to invite in the motion and flow effect of giving and receiving and through this spread the love through the community and out into the world we love. The new Community Yoga class AKA the ‘SPARE CHANGE CLASS’ is a way for me to give back to you guys and gals and my community and I hope you will join me.

Have you ever gone to do the laundry and checking the pockets of your pants you find some ‘spare change’ 50 cents, a couple of dollars or even on a extremely fortunate day a note ?? awesome right!!
Well this ‘spare change’ is literally all I ask for to come to this class, if you would like to donate more than that’s great but don’t feel obliged to. I am conscious of those wonderful beings out there who have families, are students or pensioners and are living day to day with their expenses…this is my shout out to you!!

Come on over get your yoga on and help with whatever donation you feel is right at the time, feel free to leave the awkwardness or icky sensation regarding your donation at the door because whatever you give will help to spread the love in many many ways.

The greatest thing about this class is we will be donating all proceeds to a different charity/ project or cause every month!!
For the month of April we will be donating all proceeds to SCARF in the Illawarra who do wonderful work with healing and helping refugees read more about them here.


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