Breath it out & Shake it off ~ Detoxing with the breath!

This month, in the Joyful Jiva classes we will be focusing and reconnecting with the breath. I always feel that the beginning of the year is a great time to reflect and give thanks to the life force that keeps us going, and it’s a lovely way to close and practice a bit of a detox from the previous year, calling in the feeling of centeredness and focus for the year ahead.

Our breath is what sets the practices of yoga apart from the rest of other forms of physical activity, with every movement there will be an inhale or exhale connected to it, our breath has an intimate connection to our thoughts and our physical body. Internationally acclaimed Yin yoga teacher  Sarah Powers suggests,

“Breathing is our most intimate ally. It is with us when we feel agitated or at ease, when we are happy, when we are devastated. Yoga and meditation suggest that we focus on the breath as an anchor, because it is happening now- we can not breathe for yesterday and we cannot anticipate how we will breathe in an hour from now. We can only be with the breath that we have now, an intimate connection with the moment that is now.”

Your yoga practice can be a nurturing and safe space to let go with the  help of your breath. You can learn to let go of muscle tension- inhaling relaxation and ease…….exhaling tension and tightness,

you can learn to let go of emotional stress- inhaling joy, light and playfulness……exhaling fear, self doubt and judgement.

Or perhaps small day to day stuff you might be carrying around ………….exhaling and letting go of frustration at the slow driver in front of you making you late for work this morning.

Or something you may have be carrying around for the last ten years……………..exhaling I forgive you.

My puggle Lottie is such a playful thing she’s always go, go, go and sometimes she gets so excited she might bump into a wall or trip up a stair whilst playing and exploring but instead of carrying that emotional or sometimes physical baggage around with her she will just breath it out and shake it off and keep on playing, I think this is an awesome metaphor for us humans to follow.

When focusing on the breath we can acknowledge what baggage we are carrying around and decide whether it’s time to breath it out and shake it off or hold onto it because it is serving us in a wonderful way.

The breath is the seat , the foundation for yoga practices like asana (postures) and meditation. A steady, unhindered breath seats both the mind and the body in an unwavering state. ~ Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti Yoga.

Please check out the new timetable in the yoga menu above and hope to see you on the mat soon!

Jessie X

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