Dearest Wise Owl

Staring out my window.
An old wise owl flew onto the branch of a summer tree, leaves below gently rustling in the wind .

Lonely was the owl as she jumped from branch to branch or so I thought..

I wondered …what brings you joy dearest owl?

and she replied ….I am never lonely, with the spirit of sister wind ….with the warmth of brother sun and with the comforting arms of Mother Earth in my heart.

I am never searching, grasping or wanting for joy, for I am joy.

But wise owl my path is hidden from me please help me to understand and see what lies ahead.

Go sit in the grass dear child.

Just feel it on your skin, lay down and let Mother Earth support you the way she always does and listen…listen ..then you will know…..

You will know you are oh so strong.

You will know you are beautiful.

You will know you are free to be you.

And you will know that whatever happens you will have a dear, dear friend always nearby to wrap you tightly in warmth and make everything better when things get cold and confusing.

What else will I know dear owl?

You will know you are loved and never alone…..this is all for you.

Lets fly together now!

Jessie X

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