Baseball and Busyness.

15th December 2013
Opening Heart Meditation

Opening Heart Meditation

There has been a collective consciousness that I have been noticing lately, in how this time of the year seems create ‘busyness.’

Traditionally, here in Australia it is a time where the sun stays out longer – being daylight savings, the animals are up early and to bed late- particularly the cicardars…….who needs an alarm clock when you have your own personal bunch of bugs waking you at the crack of dawn…. They are LOUD!!!! but it reminds me of the summers as a kid growing up, free and void of responsibilities ahhhh! so I don’t mind them that much!
But as a whole, energys are high at this time of year, we stay out longer, work becomes more hectic as we try to wrap things up before the new year, there are numerous parties to go to, more money needed to be spent and we do find ourselves trying to fit more into each day.
But in return our minds become busier our bodies are usually running on adrenaline and  sometimes we forget our spirits needs ,no wonder that when we stop for the christmas/ new years break sickness may begin to set in …
Your body is saying geeeeezzzz give me a freakin break! Really! You honestly can’t expect to run me into the ground physically, emotionally and mentally with out giving me anything in return I am important……bloody listen to me!!!

I protect you….I help you to feel life and love and joy……please treat me with compassion and honour me as you would a dear dear friend.”

It’s very hard to hear this when your busy being busy!
I heard this baseball analogy – I don’t really follow or play baseball but this notion is pretty cool and I have been implementing it these past couple of month whilst getting this adventure/ business/ journey off the ground and it goes like this … .

Every week I have a ” look away day” 

if you notice, pitchers in baseball before they throw the ball to the catcher they look away… They focus, focus, focus on their aim then for a brief second they look away then re focus and throw. The ball usually flies throughout the air and hits it’s target.
This is great metaphor for life!
On my  look away days’my favourite things to do might be visiting my family, doing girly things painting nails and stuff, lounging around watching my favourite shows and just really indulging in the sweetness if life with no judgment, no little voice saying ‘  Jess what are you doing?! You need to be doing something else, lounging around is not going to bring you abundance or success!” Nope none of that because, on my look away days I have given myself permission to let my heart guide me and do what truly allows me to relax and feel at ease in that moment. The best part about my look away days and for those beautiful souls who thrive on being busy you will love this… Some of my best thoughts and ideas spring from them, for ease and courage can flow more steadily when you are not overwhelmed! I then continue with my week feeling balanced and more relaxed and excited about my endeavours to come.
It is an exciting time of the year and I hope you get to enjoy it with ease and joy but if your feeling a little stretched already I hope this
COMPLIMENTARY  HEART OPENING MEDITATION will help keep you peaceful and present and open to gratitude as you move forward.
Remember where focus grows, energy flows-
it helps to look away once in a while and focus in on the things that are easy and bring pure joy.
Having these days may also guide you when you find yourself stuck in those busy times …the best gift you can give to this world is your best amazing self!
I wish you a blessed and fun Chrissy and a safe and happy holiday
In light and soooooo much laughter
                                                                                   Jessie X

1 Comments on “Baseball and Busyness.”

  1. Hey Jess, you are spot on! Sometimes I think I have to do this and that to be organized. But when things get in the way I think…oh well, doesn’t matter because sometimes life gets in the way. Look away days are a good analogy. Thanks!!

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